How to Polish Terrazzo Floor

Column:FAQ Time:2019-07-10

Terrazzo floor is free to design patterns, freely choose background colors and aggregate varieties. Custom designed terrazzo floor is an exclusive business card of a building.

Many customer choose terrazzo as floor because its low price and relatively clean. Although the terrazzo floor is easy to clean, it is also an inevitable process to make regular polishing which can make floor look cleaner and improve the surface finish of the terrazzo. Now give you some tips.

1. Grinding: if the ground is uneven, it can be grinded with an iron grinder or a grinding head with a refurbishing polishing machine. After grinding smoothly, grinding with 50#, 150#, 300# diamond wet pads in turn. If the ground is flat, it can be directly polished with diamond wet pads. After terrazzo floor is polished, suck up water by the suction machine.

2. Curing: after drying (the next day is better), sprinkle cement stabilizer, it requires the floor to maintain at least 4 hours of wetting.

3. Polishing: after the cement solidifying agent is dry (the longer the drying time is better, the best is second days), the floor grinding work is carried out again, polishing with 500#, 1000#, 2000#, 3000# diamond wet pads in turn and then suck up water immediately.

PS: When polishing with 3000#, it is better to polishing it with clean water which will further clean the floor

4. Crystal polishing: after the floor is dry, you can first use white or red pads with water grindstone permeation solution to finish polishing. After dry polishing, using polished water CR-2T or CR-10T to polish and crystallize the floor until its surface is dry.

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