The Difference Between Concrete Polishing & Grinding

Column:Technical Guides Time:2020-10-27
If you’re considering floor restoration, it’s important to know your options. Owners of concrete floors have the option of changing their existing surface through cutting and refining. Concrete polishing and grinding are two of the most popular processes. Both result in a unique appearance, so knowing the facts will help you make the decision that meets your needs.

Concrete Polishing

Concrete processing is composed of multiple steps, but grinding and polishing are the most well-known. Those outside the industry might mistake the full process as “concrete polishing,” but polishing is its own distinct task separate from grinding. If a shiny, polished appearance is your intended result, then you’ll need to work through multiple steps to achieve it.

The highest level of processed concrete, the polished look is strong, durable, and full of clarity. It has a reflective appearance and a glass-like finish, achieving an elegant, high-end look. These classic floor coatings are seeing widespread popularity within commercial structures of every type.

Concrete Grinding

When you’re considering floor restoration, keep in mind that not every flooring type will have a glass-like appearance. Concrete grinding happens before the polishing process, making it a simpler and less time-consuming option when ultra-glossy surfaces aren’t necessary. The resulting texture from grinding is a gritty abrasive that lands somewhere between a matte look and a low-level sheen, a classic look for steps or outdoor surfaces.

Ground concrete can also be sealed using a urethane sealer to achieve a finish similar to polished concrete in less steps. In fact, a urethane sealed floor can perform better in many environments than a polished floor.

Since concrete processing is a series of steps, the level of strength, durability, and shine improves the more you cut and reshape the concrete. This is why ground concrete isn’t as shiny as its polished counterparts—polishing requires significantly more production. Both, however, provide a professional look, so the type of concrete you choose is entirely up to preference.


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